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Why Spectus Believes in British-made Products

Globalisation may have offered consumers access to a wider variety of products than ever before. However, that scenario also involves being exposed to a huge number of cheap, low-quality and sometimes unsafe imported merchandise. It…read more.

Published: 6th June 2016


A Beginner’s Guide To Coloured Windows

If you’re in the planning and designing stages of constructing a building or if you’re looking to upgrade your windows, your best bet for material is PVC-U. If the only way you can envision PVC-U…read more.

Published: 19th May 2016

Spectus Talk

Renovating Your Windows? Here’s Why You Need To Be Talking To Spectus

On one hand, I’m faced with an opportunity to do something great for my place. The right windows will let the right amount of air and natural light to flow into my house. I’ll be…read more.

Published: 29th April 2016

Why It’s Beneficial to Use PVC-U Windows

Are you more inclined to go old school and use traditional materials like wood and aluminium for your windows? You’re definitely missing out. PVC-U is one of the most popular types of window available these…read more.

Published: 11th March 2016

How BIM is Building the Future in a Virtual World

How BIM is building the future in a virtual world Many buildings owe their designs to digital software packages like Auto CAD, which for years has been the standard choice for architects and builders who…read more.

Published: 12th January 2016

Five Reasons Why The Spectus Vertical Slider Will Help You Take Advantage Of This Growing Sector

Vertical sliding window sales increased by 15% in 2015. The popularity of this window shows no sign of slowing down. If you want to take advantage of this booming sector, you need to choose your…read more.

Published: 19th November 2015

PVC-U In Conservation Areas – Not As Unlikely As You Might Think

If you read the industry press or listen to the “experts” it would be easy to conclude that PVC-U isn’t accepted in conservation areas. Replacement windows in these areas mean timber and nothing else. It’s…read more.

Published: 18th September 2015