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4 things you should know about fully mechanically jointed sash windows from Spectus

Published: 15th October 2017

Our title gives a huge clue about the latest change to the Spectus Vertical Slider. Our sash window has been a market-leader for years, but now it’s available with full mechanical jointing to both the sash and outer frame. Once installed, people find it hard to believe it’s not a timber sash, but of course, unlike timber it excels with easy maintenance and performance that lasts. The authentic appearance of our windows speaks for itself, but we thought we should mention 4 things that might not be quite as obvious.

1. These sash windows are ADAPTABLE.

It doesn’t matter what age, style or type of property, there’s a Spectus VS that’s just right for it. Our system includes a full range of ancillary products including sash horns, glazing bars, arched heads and weather bars. This means that we can recreate the look of a sash window from any era, from the full Georgian detailing to the simplified style of the Edwardian age. We can incorporate heritage stained glass panels or opt for a pared-down, clean contemporary look. Unlike some PVC-U sash systems, ours is complete with different-sized sections. Large and small sash windows are perfectly proportioned.

Sash windows are superb for promoting air movement and deserve to be found in more buildings. With our window’s adaptability that’s possible.

2. If classic white doesn’t appeal, we’ve got another 28 COLOUR OPTIONS.

No other supplier offers the choice of finish we do. We’ve got everything, from timber effect finishes, to bold primary colours. We have a full range of greys, different grains and even flat finishes. You can even have cream or white with a grained texture which faithfully replicates the appearance of painted wood.

The most popular colours are available direct from stock, but our rapid FoilExpress service ensures swift delivery of any finish. We don’t have a minimum order quantity, don’t charge a premium for non-stocked colours and dual-coloured options are no problem at all. With this choice, there’s a Spectus Vertical Slider that’s going to look fabulous whatever the project.

3. These sash windows offer outstanding THERMAL PERFORMANCE

The Spectus Vertical Slider can reach a WER of Band A+ and a U-value of 1.3w/m2K.

This remarkable sash window includes 24mm double glazing as standard and incorporates effective seals throughout to prevent draughts. Window by window, we’re consigning the chill and rattling panes of old timber sashes to the history books.

4. These sash windows even IMPRESS THE PLANNERS

For years, there has been resistance to the use of PVC-U windows in conservation areas, but the mood is changing. With the right appearance, superior thermal performance and affordability, planners are adopting a more practical approach, allowing homeowners to upgrade their comfort and security while still preserving the character of their property. Often planning authorities only need to hear it’s a Spectus VS to grant approval. Now we offer a fully mechanically jointed version, we’re convinced even more planners will see the benefit.

There are more good things you should know about the Spectus Vertical Slider. Call us on 01952 283344 to get the full picture.