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A Beginner’s Guide To Coloured Windows

Published: 19th May 2016

If you’re in the planning and designing stages of constructing a building or if you’re looking to upgrade your windows, your best bet for material is PVC-U. If the only way you can envision PVC-U windows is as chunky, utilitarian, cheap-looking white frames, then you need to catch up with the times. PVC-U has moved a long way since and is now the most versatile option for window material in the market. No matter the style of the building, there is sure to be a PVC-U finish to complement it perfectly.

If you like the appeal of coloured windows, you’ll be glad to know that PVC-U frames can replicate the look of aluminium frames. Why choose it over aluminium though? The advantage in using PVC-U is that it is more cost-effective and has better thermal performance.

PVC-U is the most logical choice if you want coloured windows as it’s available in colourful finishes to suit whatever your taste and style preference may be. If you’re thinking of simply painting over your aluminium frames, please reconsider. The paint is very likely to fade, peel, and crack in no time at all. Coloured PVC-U frames are practical and efficient. They have durable, colourfast foils that are permanently bonded to them. Whether you want your windows to be brightly coloured or to boast beautiful woodgrain effects, you can easily get them without having to mess with paint or varnish.

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It’s not just the look, either; these foils come in different textures, some with the typical smooth and modern feel and others with a realistic traditional wood grain. If you want the appearance of wood painted white or cream, there are foils grained and coloured to replicate that look. You can pretty much choose any frame that reflects your environment and represents your sense of style.

The advantages of using PVC-U don’t stop there. Besides the convenience of achieving the look you want for a much lower price and guaranteeing that the material goes well with your other building materials, you can also include durability and expect your windows to look great for a long, long time.

Coloured Windows in Property

What qualities should you look for in a PVC-U window? Definitely, you want windows with first rate permanently-bonded foils. You should also go for ones that have been designed for maximum strength and durability. They would have been tried, tested, and proven to ensure that not only are they compliant with Building Regulations but that they meet the highest standards. You also want windows that are easy to clean – just a quick wipe down with mild detergent and they’re as good as new.

To ensure that you end up with just the windows you want, pick a company that offers many foils that are available in a full range of colour-matched ancillary products.