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Ancillaries: Providing the Final Touch

Published: 10th October 2016

Reputations are made and broken by the quality of one’s output. If you wish to have a stellar record in the industry, you need to earn it by paying close attention to each and every detail, including the smallest ones. It’s those extras that can make the difference — both for you and your clients.

Here at Spectus, we pride ourselves in providing the right ancillaries for our partners’ projects, regardless of whether they are working on windows or doors. We offer one of the largest range of ancillaries, from cills to frame packers, bay poles to posts, mouldings to adaptors. The sheer breadth of our offerings gives you ample flexibility and eliminates the need to compromise or make poor choices. And with more choices come increased sales.

We ensure that each ancillary fits perfectly and looks great by paying attention to detail. We believe that this attention to detail matters when you want to have windows and doors that are easy to install.

Check out our range of bays and couplings, including dedicated bay posts and poles, bay jacking, assemblies, coupling mullions and finishing trims. Any shape or configuration you are looking for, we have it. Our bays and couplings are made to match the colours of our main systems and are available in different colours and woodgrain foils.

Our range of decorative components include Georgian bars, sash horns, arched head kits and mouldings. Our Georgian bars come in two sizes: 22mm and 30mm. Sash horns come in run-through and clip-on options, both having end caps developed specially to suit. You can also choose bevelled and ovolo-shaped sash horns to match frame styles. If you are looking for an arched head kit that will match traditional styles, we offer a four-pieced moulding which complements our ovolo window profiles. Our offerings for mouldings include fixing lugs, riser blocks, glazing platforms, meeting-rail end caps, threshold connectors, cockspur wedges, cavity-locking blocks, and drip-bar end caps.

Looking for extruded ancillaries? Our offerings include cills and frame packers available in different colours and finishes, Eurogroove covers, head drips, stone-cill adaptors, drip bars and thermal barriers.

Whatever type of door you are working on, we can provide you with the right threshold. Our full range of thresholds includes outward opening, dual operation, sub cill and Document M complaint low thresholds.

You can expect only the best quality from each component you get from us. This is because we carefully choose the products based on strength, durability and practicality.