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What does your choice of coloured windows say about you?

Published: 14th August 2017

Your choice of coloured windows can say a lot about you.

For example, the colours of your clothing pieces send non-verbal messages to the people you meet. This is why, if you want to feel confident and powerful when you are going on a date, experts recommend wearing something red. Or if you are going on a pub crawl with your friends, you should wear something bright, like yellow and orange.

But what about your choice when considering coloured windows, as well as the other elements in your home? Apart from your personal taste, what are the cues that visitors pick up when they drop by your house?

If you happen to look around your home, you will notice that you favour a particular palette. Although you may veer away sometimes from these colours, more often than not, you will always be drawn to your favourite hues. In short, your colour choices for your home are often a result of your personal preferences. However, science says that colours silently communicate a lot about the owners of a property.


If you lean toward neutral colours like brown, beige, ivory and similar colours, you are most likely practical in nature. Neutrals are perfect because they work well with a wide variety of hues and can serve as a good backdrop for brighter colours in your home.

Soft and warm colours

People who prefer soft and warm colours like yellow, orange and variations of these often have cheerful personalities, and are friendly and nurturing. Using these colours for the interiors of your home can make any space more intimate and welcoming.

Cool colours

If the dominant colour in your home are soft and cool colours like lavender, blue and green, the overall vibe that you send out to house guests is soothing and tranquil. Unsurprisingly, most homeowners who favour these hues are introverted by nature and want their home to be their private oasis.

Jewel tones

Ruby, topaz, sapphire, emerald, and amethyst are collectively known as jewel tones. These colours are popularly used in the homes of celebrities and creative and confident people. Adding these hues to your home can add a touch of glamour and intimacy and can even help hide some of the flaws in the house.

If you have moved into a new home or if you are planning to remodel, you can use this short guide in choosing coloured windows which match the message you want to send to house guests.

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