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Common Window Myths Confirmed – PVC-U Vs Timber

Published: 19th January 2018

There is an awful lot of hearsay about which type of material is the best for creating window frames. PVC-U is the popular modern favourite, however, it is often compared very closely with timber. As with any comparison views and opinions get thrown into the mix with it, so how do you know what is truth and what isn’t? Time to squash some myths;

Myth: If you want double glazed windows you have to have PVC-U.

Reality: Wooden windows also have the capacity to hold double glazed units, but the frames cannot be thermally reinforced as with PVC-U. So although you’d be investing in efficient glazing, the frame may be letting you down.

Myth: Wood will rot and PVC-U will stand the test of time.

Reality: If the wood isn’t cared for correctly it will weather and in time rot. To avoid this happening takes a lot of effort from the homeowner – sanding and repainting the frames (both inside and outside) every few years. To maintain PVC-U windows all you will need is a damp soft cloth to wipe them down periodically helping to keep them looking their best.

Myth: PVC-U windows add value to your home

Reality: Although PVC-U is a great product, it won’t automatically add value to a property just by being there. If it’s done poorly it could actually work the opposite way. A period property with ugly PVC-U windows that aren’t in keeping with the character can actually end up being devalued compared to if it was left with traditional glazing in place. With so much choice available now you can be sure to find a glazing system that replicates those of a heritage property seamlessly, improving the efficiency of the property and in turn increasing its value. What is key here is research – identify what is available and look at case studies of what has been completed previously to find the perfect partner for your property.

Myth: Wooden windows are less secure than PVC-U

Reality: Both styles of window are secure in their basic form. Both will have suitable locking mechanisms and installers for either product will shout that their product is more secure than the alternative. Window frames made from Timber and PVC-U are sturdy enough to withstand an intruders attempts as they are. However, PVC-U frames can be reinforced with steel for additional security benefits.

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