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Epwin Window Systems publishes new sustainability brochure

Published: 10th February 2023

Epwin Window Systems has published a new sustainability brochure that highlights its environmental commitments throughout the business. Phil Parry, Business Development Director, said: “Here at Epwin Window Systems, sustainability is front and centre across all our business practices. It’s not only the responsible thing to do, but there are clear commercial advantages too because end users increasingly prioritise sustainability in their purchasing decisions.”

The eight-page brochure highlights Epwin Window Systems’ cradle-to-cradle approach to the sustainability of its multiple systems.

Epwin Window Systems is the only UK-based PVC-U systems company certified to the requirements of BES 6001: Issue 3.0. This demonstrates the company has ensured – and can prove – that its products have been made with constituent materials that have been responsibly sourced.

As further evidence of its sustainability commitment, it was the first UK-based systems company to achieve the VinylPlus® Product Label, the scheme that makes it easy for customers and markets to identify the most sustainable and high-performance PVC-U products.

The company has a zero to landfill policy. Waste management processes are designed to segregate waste at source and all waste from its site is segregated and sent by registered waste carriers for recycling. Waste bar lengths are recycled into RCM (recycled composite material) for use in thermal inserts for outerframes, sashes, transoms and mullions.

In use, all Epwin Window Systems products have been designed to maximise thermal efficiency and meet and exceed regulatory requirements. This helps specifiers, contractors, fabricators and installers to meet environmental targets – and give end users low maintenance products that help create thermally efficient homes.

Epwin Group has recently acquired the British company Poly-Pure Ltd, a leading recycler of post-consumer PVC-U window and door frames. The acquisition means it can take PVC-U window and door frames at the end of their useful life, recycle the PVC-U content, and incorporate the reclaimed material back into new extruded building products manufactured across the Group.  Phil said: “This latest Group acquisition fully closes the recycling loop to cover the complete product lifecycle. Plus, like us, Poly-Pure is a UK based company, which means we can proudly say our products are made (and fully recycled) in Britain.”

Phil concluded: “We have a long track record of commitment to the environment. Back in 2009 we were the first UK systems company to offer a 100% recycled window. But our progress to date is just the start. We have well-developed and impactful programmes in place to continue to reduce our carbon footprint and enhance sustainability across all our activities, products and processes. We have aligned our operations to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are developing an Environmental Social Governance framework and targets. In short, here at Epwin Window Systems we’ve made a commitment to a greener tomorrow.”

The new sustainability brochure is available to download from the company’s Connect digital portal.