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Get In The Pole Position With A++

Published: 12th October 2015

This October, the first licences for A++ ratings will be issued for windows achieving an energy index of 20 or above. At the same time, any A+ rated windows that already achieve the required performance can be upgraded to the new A++ rating.

4942For those of us already specialising in high-performance windows, it’s not a big change. But just as in Formula OneTM small changes can have big effects. And with the BFRC pushing the message to homeowners about the latest in energy-efficient windows, you won’t want to be left behind. When consumers want the best, you have to be ready to deliver it. Getting a good position on the starting grid is easier when you’ve got a great technical team behind you. That’s the Spectus difference. We can show you how to achieve the Window Energy Ratings you want, cost-effectively and easily. We can help you adapt and respond to the changes Compared to A+ rated windows, the advantages may be small but, crucially, they’re
competitive. And in our industry, that’s what counts.

In motor racing, when the red lights go out, you need to be ready to go – your engine cool but your brakes and tyres warm. Get to the first corner ahead of the competition and the race is yours to lose or win. In the window industry, it’s not that different. When something changes, you can spend the next few months struggling to catch up – or you can be ready for the off.

Let us help you to get ready. That’s what we’re here for.