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International Influence Inspires Spectus To Go Metallic

Published: 4th January 2012

Current trends in international architecture have inspired Spectus Window Systems to launch a new range of stylish metallic foils this month. Seven new foils with metallic-effect coatings see the colours available in Spectus’ foiling range jump to almost 70, providing even more solutions for fabricators and installers working with discerning customers. Inspired by buildings in the Mediterranean, where aluminium is often the construction material of choice, the metallic foils provide new design options for window frames. Each foil contrasts to the conventional solid colours and wood grain effects traditionally seen in foiling ranges, and the satin-look surface of Spectus’ new metallic foils is designed specifically to harmonise with white plaster and PVC-U. The new metallic tones range from the elegant blue Royal Platinum and light brown Earl Platinum to the red Cardinal Platinum, dark green Empress Platinum and shades of cool metallic silver. Chris Ross, product manager at Spectus Window Systems, explains: “This new development provides a solution for everyone. It gives installers the power to question why an aluminium profile has been specified prior to work starting, which could result in the specification being switched to PVC-U. After all, PVC-U has a BRE Green Guide ‘A’ rating whereas aluminium’s rating is lower. The metallic foils can achieve the same appearance as aluminium, so it makes sense to opt for a product that delivers on both aesthetics and sustainability. “Installing a PVC-U system, rather than aluminium, means the window profile can boost a building’s energy rating and help comply with budget constraints due to the lower cost of materials. The new metallic foils also ensure that aesthetically it’s in keeping with the architect’s design and the surrounding area. The new foils look superb and can be applied to any Spectus profile, no matter whether it will be used in a commercial retrofit or a new build housing project. “With the current economic climate biting and homeowners choosing to improve their homes, rather than move, the metallic range also offers a point of difference. Installers can advise homeowners to consider how a window will help boost their home’s Energy Performance Certificate rating, and if a homeowner chooses a PVC-U profile as a result, the premium metallic range could be offered as a solution to help a home stand out from the rest on the street.” The Spectus range of foils is tested and guaranteed for up to 10 years. For more information please contact a Spectus Regional Sales Manager, call 0800 328 5273 or email contacting@spectus.co.uk.