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The Smart Guide to Looking After PVC-u Windows

Published: 31st May 2017

Cleaning PVC-u windows is an important chore for every homeowner that likes to keep the property looking nice and presentable at all times. This job, however, needs to be done right in order to maintain the good quality of the windows.

It’s important to have the right set of equipment and cleaning agents to use because there are products so harsh that they can actually lead to the breakdown of window components. Likewise, you have to know the right method of cleaning so the job can be accomplished much faster.

If your windows are PVC-U, you can use this smart guide to keeping them clean and preserving their good appearance and quality.

  • Tackle the glass components first. Keeping the window’s glass clean is what you need to do often especially if it’s very dusty or it rains often where you live. The best cleaning solution is warm water and mild liquid soap; it will get rid of external grime and most kinds of dirt.PVC-u windows
  • To keep glass sparkling clean and clear, use a soft cloth for applying the cleaning solution and rubbing away dirt. Afterwards, spray water on the glass to rinse off the soapy solution. Finally, wipe off the remaining moisture with a squeegee or crumpled old newspaper (the printer’s ink used for newspapers actually makes glass sparkle).
  • To prevent scratching the glass while cleaning, remove your jewellery and wear rubber gloves.
  • You can treat old scratches in glass by using jeweller’s rouge, or a similar rubbing compound.
  • As for the PVC-U window frames, there’s no need to clean them thoroughly often. You can schedule cleaning them once every three to four months.
  • Warm water and mild liquid detergent or warm water and vinegar are the ideal cleaning solutions for PVC-U frames. You don’t need special cleaning products with strong ingredients because they may just damage the finish of the frames.
  • To get rid of dust buildup in tracks or those tricky corners of the window frame (around the hinges, especially), use your vacuum. A good trick to use in getting dirt in tight corners is to attach a squeeze ketchup bottle top to the vacuum end and setting the power on high.
  • Tackle deep-seated dirt by spraying it with the cleaning solution, letting the solution sit for two minutes, and then brushing it off with an old soft toothbrush.
  • Give the frame a thorough wipe using a chamois or paper towel to make sure there are no water stains on the surface.
  • Finally, lubricate the hinges after cleaning so the windows open and shut easily.

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