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Sash Windows: The Smarter Choice

Published: 13th September 2016

SHOT39Sash windows are iconic features in period homes and buildings across Britain, having been prominently included in the local architecture since the 17th century. Practically every type of property — from charming cottages to Georgian period homes to terraces built in the Victorian and Edwardian sensibilities — has displayed this type of window, chosen specifically for the timeless style of the popular box frames.

It’s not difficult to understand the sash window’s appeal. It is traditionally made by skilled craftsmen using only the highest quality timber. Originally, the softwood timber used in the Victorian and Georgian periods came from the Baltic; thanks to its naturally cold habitat, the resulting wood is very dense and tight-grained. While this level of quality in timber is difficult to find today, many homeowners, commercial builders and restoration specialists continue to express admiration for this window type and choose it for their various projects.

What are the key advantages presented by sash windows that make them well-loved choices among property builders, developers, and conservationists of period buildings?

The sash window lends a traditional appearance to properties. Sash windows are vital elements of historic buildings and they also add a unique grace and charm even to more modern structures.

A technologically advanced solution

SHOT10The Vertical Slider that our team at Spectus Window Systems has developed provides sash windows that combine the best of both worlds.

While they have kept the elegant proportions and sliding panel design that produces effective ventilation, our windows also boast of key improvements: optional Georgian bars and sash horns; features for enhanced safety, security, insulation and maintenance; a Band ‘A+’ Window Energy Rating; inside-tilting panes for easier cleaning; child safety catches; easy-action balance mechanisms; energy-efficient double glazed panes, and a wide range of stylish colours to choose from.
While more traditional sash windows typically come with durability and longevity issues, our Vertical Slider Windows are designed to withstand weather extremes and to prevent warping, bending and degradation.

Period character and design with the high functionality and durability of modern materials — that’s the powerful combination delivered by the Spectus Vertical Slider that we can provide for your home or building.