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Spectus Catches The Rainbow With Faster Foils And More Marketing Support

Published: 11th May 2016

More colours from stock …more promotional material – all part of a major new ‘Chasing Rainbows’ campaign launched by Spectus to help fabricators and installers get the most out of the ever-growing demand for woodgrain and colour finishes.

When your customers are chasing rainbows, you need a rainbow to offer” is the message at the core of the campaign, which will see more of Spectus’s colour range brought into stock for the quickest possible turnaround, available in many colours or any system and a striking range of marketing materials to drive end-user awareness and interest.

“Consumers are demanding more and more woodgrain and colour finishes and we want to be sure our fabricators and installers can react quickly and easily to ensure they can all make the very most of this powerful trend,” said Brand Manager Carmen Velilla.

“We have reacted to feedback from our customers who say they want to be able to offer installers greater flexibility and quicker lead times. This is one of the biggest movements in our industry in recent years and they need to be fully equipped to gain the maximum benefit from it.

“We already have a very comprehensive range of woodgrains and colours, and now we are backing up that offering with a more streamlined service as well as a wide range of additional marketing materials that installers can order to promote the range proactively to the end user.”

Epwin Group Sales Director Wolfgang Gorner added: “Foiled sales now account for at least a quarter of the market and the figure is still growing, so the opportunities are very significant. Woodgrain and coloured frames can mean higher margins for fabricators and installers but the market also demands choice and speed if they are to make the most of this trend.

“At Epwin, we have invested £1.4million in a new finishing plant which not only addresses choice with a wider range of colours but also speed with a dramatic cut in lead time through a much wider range of stock lines. Also, the elimination of minimum order sizes will be welcomed by fabricators of all sizes.”

The new plant, believed to be the largest of its kind in the UK, carries 1500 tonnes of stocked profile, housed within a 60,000 square foot facility with ample capacity to respond to the ever-growing demand.

The campaign is backed by a new ‘Chase Rainbows’ trade brochure along with extensive POS and marketing support such as swatches, posters and pop up banners all available to order at any time from www.spectus.co.uk/trade/products/spectrum-colour-range/