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Spectus unveils major new ancillaries range

Published: 20th September 2016

Spectus has delivered a major boost to fabricators and installers with the launch of 40 new ancillaries, more than doubling its existing offering and creating the most extensive and versatile range of its kind.

From bay jacks to frame packers, Georgian bars to drip bars, couplers, lugs and architraves, the new Spectus ancillary range gives fabricators and installers more choices than ever and more opportunities to finish every single job exactly the way it is meant to be, in looks and functionality.

The launch is the result of significant investment by Spectus into product development, including retooling of common sections, and is further endorsement of the system supplier’s ongoing commitment to giving its customers the products they need to gain the competitive edge in the market.

“Fabricators and installers want choices,” said Spectus Technical Director Martin Althorpe. “They want the right ancillaries for every job, they want them to fit perfectly, to look right and to be easy to work with, so that is what we have given them with this new extended range.

“Every new component, just like the existing ones, is designed to co-ordinate with our main systems and of course every PVC-U item is available as an exact match to our many colour and foil options. So when we say 40 new items, add the colour options and in fact there are hundreds.”

In the extended range, fabricators and installer can now find: no fewer than seven new bay pole assembly items – including three different external covers – a completely new section of ten finishers including four sizes of architrave, seven new coupling items and a host of other essential bits and pieces, every one that can make a difference between nearly right and spot on.

Martin Althorpe concluded: “Some system suppliers may see ancillaries as an afterthought or a make-do-and-mend but we do not. We know that they are an essential ingredient to a fabricator or installer finishing every job to look and perform the way it should, and this significantly extended range underlines that belief.”

The entire new ancillaries range is featured in a new brochure, which also includes a clear and comprehensive wallchart, available from the Spectus technical hub.

Spectus is constantly bringing in new innovations and additions to keep its customers ahead of the needs and trends in the market. Most recently, it launched its industry-leading Flush Tilt & Turn system as a viable economic alternative to aluminium in commercial high-rise. Prior to that, it responded to growing demand for colour by bringing more foils into its stock backed by new marketing material.