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Spectus – work with a team you can rely on!

Published: 2nd February 2018

There’s something special about Spectus. Our people are Spectus people, proud of their work and the brand. We’ve got teams who’ve worked together for decades, and dedication like that is hard to find. That’s why when customers come to Spectus, they stay. They’re in the hands of experts, they feel supported, and they know that Spectus cares.

Spectus is more than a system

Yes, we produce outstanding systems, but that’s only part of the story.

Spectus is a culture. It’s a place where great ideas come to fruition, where success is celebrated, where technical know-how is world class, but where no one is too big for their boots. Spectus isn’t about us and them. It’s about us – product developers, extruders, fabricators, installers and consumers.

We’re all in glazing together.

Spectus partnerships last

Our partnerships last because they are partnerships.

We know that we need our customers, so we don’t dictate. We consult. We learn from the sharp end and we solve your problems. We build bridges that connect suppliers to opportunities and create positive, long-term relationships that drive business forwards.

Spectus support is outstanding

The glazing industry can be tough but being part of the right team makes all the difference. For technical and marketing support, Spectus excels. We’ve got commercial experts to help you win contracts and products that will take you into new markets. Our range, service and quality are just the icing on the cake.

It’s all about teamwork, and you won’t find a better team than Spectus.

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