What our customers have said

5 Stars

Cut us in half and somewhere in there it’ll say Spectus

"We’ve never found anything to compare to the Spectus system. It’s the Rolls Royce as far as we’re concerned, and where do you go from a Rolls Royce? We know what we can do with it, we believe in it, and the extensive product range coupled with our knowledge means that we can fulfil pretty much any request and answer any question."

Brian Kruger
Managing Director of Universal

5 Stars

We won’t be changing whilst I’m still around

"We have been offered alternatives by competitors countless times but we won’t be changing whilst I’m still around."

Mike Richardson
Trade Windows Bristol

5 Stars

Spectus provide us with a one-stop-shop

"With Spectus Window Systems we can buy all of our profile and hardware from one place which makes ordering far easier. We know from our experience with Warwick Development Specialists that everyone at Spectus is on hand when we need them; whether it's for product information or questions about energy ratings. They provide us with a one-stop-shop."

Melany Wardle
Co-owner of ADM Windows

5 Stars

A consistently high standard of product

"Having worked with Spectus Window Systems for 16 years we were confident of their ability to deliver a consistently high standard of product. For the Castleford Academy project we used their flagship product, Elite 70 with a bevelled design."

Jade Windows

5 Stars

We had the support of the Spectus commercial and technical teams at every stage of the project

"We had the support of the Spectus commercial and technical teams at every stage of the project. However experienced or professional a contractor may be, there is always a time when a little additional support may go a long way and may even in some cases be the make or break of a contract."

Care Uk Group spokesperson

5 Stars

"Spectus supports us every step of the way, advising on technical details and supplying coloured profile on-time and in-full."

Anthony Kilbourn
Sales Manager at Worsley Glass

5 Stars

"Having used Spectus' Elite 70 on a number of projects we were naturally keen to use it again for the refurbishment of St Thomas More RC Academy. The multi-chambered profile delivers excellent thermal efficiency bringing tangible energy savings for the school, and contributing to a more comfortable learning environment for students and staff alike."

Gofor Trade Windows

5 Stars

If our customers are happy, then so are we!

"Spectus has been supplying us with its Elite 70 system for the last 15 years. And why am I happy for them to keep supplying me with profile? Well that's simple; it's a good quality product and makes a decent window. I've had very few issues with them over the years and that's proven by the feedback from our customers; if they're happy then so are we, and we've had no complaints yet."

Mike Potts
Managing Director of Tydesley Windows

5 Stars

They are the best match in PVC-U we could have hoped for

"Many people who see the Spectus sash windows either from inside or out, simply think they are timber. They are the best match in PVC-U we could have hoped for; we are very pleased with the result."

Daron Clack
Corner House Co-proprietor

5 Stars

Advanced technology and traditional design

"What we like about Spectus' Vertical Slider profile is that it brings together advanced technology and traditional design, making it perfect for period properties like the Church Cottage.

…the profile can also compete on an aesthetic level as there's a choice of designs and shapes, as well as an extensive range of colours. "

Warwick Developments