The new 85mm outerframe


Our customers wanted an answer to window and door installation problems and we’ve delivered it.

Quite simply, the new 85mm outerframe is the answer to some common issues

Common Issues

Fitting hinges to door frames can be a tight squeeze. Installers waste precious time trying to avoid damage to plasterwork, or, if that’s not possible, making good the door surrounds and décor.

Where trickle vents are required, they are difficult to accommodate. Tolerances are slim and functionality and aesthetics can be compromised.

With some apertures, a packer is needed. That’s extra time, extra expense and the finish, however careful, is never quite as neat.

See the benefits

  • Helps to prevent hinge damage to plasterwork
  • Can eliminate the need to use packers
  • Easily accommodates trickle vents
  • Fully compatible with our Elite 70 bevelled suite – one new profile is all it takes
  • Available now, from stock, in Classic White and Anthracite Grey.