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The Top 3 Myths About Replacing Windows

Published: 13th November 2017

Busting The Top 3 Myths About Replacing Windows

The windows in your home can experience a considerable amount of wear and tear after some years. Because these property features are significantly exposed to the outdoor environment (since one of their main purposes is to protect homeowners from the elements like strong rains, winds and sunlight), and because they are constantly opened, closed, and moved, it’s only logical to expect that they would require replacements after every few years.

As straightforward as the process of replacing windows may seem, there are actually certain beliefs that affect many homeowners’ decisions regarding this activity. These myths or misconceptions can actually prevent people from making the ideal arrangements and choosing the right products for their window replacement, which could affect the integrity of the home and the experience of using the windows.

To make sure that you can make fully informed decisions and get your house fitted with the best quality windows available, provided below are the top three myths about replacing windows that you should keep in mind — and that you need not be worried about:

The best time to get the job done is in the summer

This is perhaps the most common misconception. People think that the sunniest time of the year provides the only opportunities for successfully replacing windows. If it were done in winter, for example, the installer would have a hard time preventing the warm air inside the house from escaping to the outdoors. Not only would the residents experience discomfort from this, but their energy bills could go up as well — and nobody wants that.

However, if you hire a highly skilled and experienced installer, there’s no reason to wait until a specific season to get the replacement done. Such a professional would have the tools, knowledge, skills and experience to handle the job efficiently and effectively, without causing hassles such as lost or wasted indoor heat and skyrocketing energy bills.

Replacing windows will take a long time and cause damage to the rest of your home

Some homeowners are hesitant to find someone to replace their windows because they feel that once the job starts, they would have to endure a prolonged period of having their house under repair. This may be partly because they think that the replacement job will cause more damage than necessary to the house, which will then further prolong the work.

Again, the right window fitter will know how to complete the work while creating minimal impact on your house, and a schedule for finishing the job in the fastest time possible will be followed.

New windows won’t improve my home’s energy efficiency

For some locals who have resided in the same home for a long time, it can be puzzling to hear other people say that replacing their windows would help lower their energy bills. This is important to understand because a large percentage of the draughts and wasted energy in a house is lost through doors and windows, so your choice of window styles and materials do matter if you want to save money and resources.

Windows with single or double glazing can lose their airtight properties over time, and this can affect their ability to keep warm air in and cold air out (and vice-versa). Replacing your old windows with ones manufactured using modern technologies can provide excellent value for money, as well as improve the property’s overall energy efficiency.

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