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The tried and tested Spectus VS is the solution

Published: 20th June 2017

Spectus Window Systems launched its Vertical Slider seventeen years ago and it’s been the market leader ever since thanks to the quality and authenticity it offers. Carmen Velilla, Brand Manager at Spectus, explores why the window has stood the test of time and explains why it looks set to remain at the forefront of the industry for some time to come.

Heritage projects can be both rewarding and frustrating. It’s rewarding to see a beautiful building brought back to life. On the other hand, all the paperwork, administration and bureaucracy around the process and the products being used can be incredibly frustrating.

With this in mind, it’s perhaps no wonder that the Spectus VS has got such a strong position in the market. As one installer recently commented to us after installing 18 of our Vertical Sliders in a heritage building in Lockerbie, the window is so well accepted by conservation and planning officers these days that when they hear that the Spectus Vertical Slider has been specified, they have no more concerns and approve it for use. It means less paperwork, less administration and less bureaucracy, which makes it easy for specifiers, installers and consumers to like.

Of course, the reason it is so well accepted by conservation and planning officers is its beautifully authentic looks. Quite simply, it is widely recognised as one of the best PVC-U alternatives to traditional timber box sash windows on the market thanks to its attention to detail and precision crafting.

The two sash widths give equal vertical sightlines while the traditional ovolo styling throughout, the flush gaskets that mimic traditional glazing, the deep bottom rail and the 128mm frame add further authenticity.

The Spectus VS window offers plenty of opportunity for personalisation to suit both a consumer’s tastes and a building’s aesthetic requirements. There is a range of dedicated ancillaries, end caps and cills too. It can use off-the-shelf or high end security hardware. Optional features such as run-through or moulded sash horns, an easy-to-fit weather bar and Georgian bars help to recreate a specific period look. It is available in 28 shades and foiled finishes, including heritage colours.

It is an immensely practical window too. Spiral balance mechanisms replace the traditional cord and weight arrangement of a timber box sash window, which makes the Spectus VS reliably easy to open. There are travel stops for child safety and both sashes tilt in to make them easy to clean. It’s also practical for installers: it has 150mm and 210mm cills and 10mm/20mm/50mm frame packers for maximum flexibility in the installation.

At the same time, it also meets all the modern standards for thermal efficiency: it can achieve a Window Energy Rating of A+ and a U value of 1.3W/m2K. It can accommodate trickle or glazed-in vents too.

The quality of the window is also evident in its accreditations: it is Kitemarked to BS EN 12608 and PAS 24, and has been designed to achieve Secured by Design status.

Of course, a product doesn’t remain at the forefront of the market for 17 years without evolving or developing. We unveiled the latest development to our best-selling window at the FIT Show last month: a mechanically jointed version. It has all the authentic looks of the standard version and enhances them with mechanical joints rather than mitred welds. It’s a development that opens up even more of the heritage market for our customers. It’s also a boon for installers because it is easier to glaze than the standard version and easier to carry out any remedial work needed. The response at the FIT Show was nothing less than overwhelming: the best just got even better was the general feeling.

In summary, the Spectus VS is the perfect example of a product that reflects the best of our industry: our ability to innovate and adapt. It harnesses all the benefits of PVC-U and adapts them to meet the heritage market’s dilemma: the need for products that meet modern standards of thermal efficiency and security yet still retain period looks. Of course, it also makes installers’ lives easier and consumers’ homes much more comfortable and easy to maintain. We’re proud to be the designer and manufacturer of such a product and we are proud it has gained so much acceptance in the industry, not least because it is helping our customers up and down the country to grow their businesses.

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