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Top Tips… How to clean your windows

Published: 23rd October 2018

Clean windows can brighten up your home, so we’re giving you some top tips for getting the best shine!

It’s important to have the right set of equipment and cleaning agents at the ready, but be aware as there are some products that are so harsh, they can actually lead to the breakdown of window components!

If your windows are PVC-U, why not use our smart guide of keeping them clean and preserving their good appearance and quality.

  1. Tackle the glass components first – Keeping the window’s glass clean is what you will need to do often, especially if it’s very dusty or rains often where you live (so if that’s the UK, it’ll be 99% of the time!). The BEST cleaning solution is your standard warm water and mild liquid soap as it will get rid of external grime and all kinds of dirt.
  2. Keep it clean and clear – To keep glass sparkling and clear, use a soft cloth for applying the cleaning solution and rubbing away dirt. Afterwards, spray water on the glass to rinse off the soapy solution and then finally wipe off any remaining moisture.
  3. To prevent scratching the glass whilst cleaning, we’d recommend removing all your jewellery and wear rubber gloves. You can treat old scratches in glass by using a jeweller’s rouge or a similar rubbing compound.
  4. What’s the game with the frame? – As for PVC-U window frames, there’s no need to clean them thoroughly and as often. We’d recommend you schedule cleaning them once every three to four months! Warm water and a mild liquid detergent (or vinegar if you’re looking for an old aged trick) are ideal cleaning solutions for the frames.
  5. To get rid of dust build up in tracks, or those tricky corners of the frames, simply use your vacuum! A good trick to use in getting dirt from tight corners is to attached a squeeze ketchup bottle top to the end of the vacuum end and setting the power to high.
  6. Give the frame a good, thorough wipe by using a chamois or paper towel to make sure there are no water stains on the surface. We’d then recommend lubricating the hinges after cleaning to ensure the windows open and shut easily!

…And there you have it! Sparkling windows in 6 easy steps.