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Why It’s Beneficial to Use PVC-U Windows

Published: 11th March 2016

Are you more inclined to go old school and use traditional materials like wood and aluminium for your windows? You’re definitely missing out. PVC-U is one of the most popular types of window available these days for a reason — or, for that matter, a variety of reasons. If you need some convincing as to why you should use PVC-U windows for your building or upgrading project, read on.

  • Competitive price. Its affordability is often the quality that wins people over to PVCu, especially among homeowners working with a tight budget. Of course, you need to remember that you need to factor in the cost of installation, but ultimately, PVC-U windows are still so much cheaper than other types of windows.
  • Better insulation. One of the excellent benefits of PVC-U is its superior insulating properties. Considering the expense of heating and cooling a home or an office, top-notch insulation can go a long way in diminishing your power bills. When energy is conserved, money is saved and the environment is better preserved.
  • Low maintenance. It’s such wonderful lightness when you don’t have to worry too much about your material rotting, corroding, warping, etc. from the elements. Even when a window doesn’t suffer any structural damage, it could still look unbecoming so that it would be necessary to repaint after every couple of years. All in all, it’s a very cost-effective option, so much so that manufacturers are often confident enough to issue a 10-year warranty. PVC-U is easy to clean as well. There’s no need to get a special solution, worry about rust or mould, etc. You only need to get some mild detergent and wipe away.
  • PVC-U windows come in a wide variety of styles. You’ll find ones that will complement a modern, streamlined style, ones that will suit a rustic design, and many other possibilities. They can be formal, whimsical, shabby chic, etc. Whatever look you desire, you can find a PVC-U window to match it.
  • Since it is not easily compromised by the elements, you can expect it to last longer than other window materials. Make sure that it comes with top quality foil so that it will be even longer lasting than expected.

Do you finally see the advantage of choosing PVC-U for your windows? You’ll end up with suitably attractive, durable, and easy-to-maintain windows. They’ll also have the potential to lower your electricity bills because of their superb insulation. What more could you want from your windows?