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Why Using BIM Makes Spectus the Right Choice for You

Published: 5th September 2016

A new world is now emerging — and it’s created through BIM.

Building information modelling (BIM) has truly revolutionised how building and infrastructure projects are planned, managed, executed and marketed. We at Spectus are among the first ones in the industry to embrace this innovation, and today our clients are reaping the time- and money-saving benefits of making BIM a key tool in their arsenal. The result: a more efficient, streamlined workflow, more opportunities to flesh out great ideas, and significant returns on the bottom line.

Yes, BIM uses 3D technology, but it’s much, much more than “just” a 3D modelling platform. Imagine: The designers, architect and engineers we work with are now able to virtually construct and develop the structure of an entire building – no matter how big or complex it is, and in the most precise representation right down to the minutest details, from the cost to the resulting shifts in dimensions.

bim2Moreover, the project can be viewed per component, and each component can be taken apart, analysed, investigated and recalibrated again and again until you’re satisfied with the configuration. And we’re not just talking about seeing how it looks in various approaches. We’re talking having realistic and accurate information about how every change you make affects the entire project, on a macro and micro-level. When you get to see how your building will fare in the real world long before the first stone is laid — now that’s what we call forward thinking.

Our partners and clients report the following advantages of using BIM:

  1. Significant time and cost savings, thanks to more accurate and real-time access to the timeline and budgetary information.
  2. Reduced mistakes.
  3. Higher safety standards.
  4. Automation of repetitive and time-intensive project management tasks.
  5. Bette project overview through features such as digital workflows, autosave, work hours monitoring and versions history.
  6. More effective collaboration — all involved parties can access real-time data about the project, share information, and coordinate with other team members through a digital platform.
  7. The ability to see elements beyond the structure. Want to know exactly how the sunlight will shine on the windows of the building during the summer? Need to calculate the energy efficiency of the building? These are just some of the information you can access through intelligent software.

We continue to expand our library and look for more solutions that will help our customers, partners and collaborators get the most out of BIM. Interested in how BIM can work for you? Call the Spectus team today.