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The 4 Most Important Questions Window Installers Should Be Asked

Published: 14th October 2017

The 4 Most Important Questions Window Installers Should Be Asked

Purchasing windows to install in homes or offices should never be done hastily. It is imperative to study the options available, see if they go with the design of the building, and compare their features and functionalities with each other in order to correctly determine which products would meet your requirements. In addition to these, you must ask the windows manufacturers or window installers the right questions so you can be certain that you will get your money’s worth.

What are the 4 questions?

But what are the right questions windows buyers should ask? Four of the most important ones are provided below.

Q1 – How long has the window manufacturing company been in business? In this industry, years of experience reflect extensive know-how, workmanship and quality of service. If the company has been operational a long time, this means they keep abreast with trends and new production techniques, and that they consistently deliver on their customer’s requirements. It’s hard to achieve longevity in the industry if your business fails to satisfy clients.

Q2 – What have been your recent projects? Enquiring about the manufacturer’s recent work may allow you to see the company’s portfolio and even read some testimonials from clients. This will provide insights into how their windows met clients’ expectations, as well as how well they delivered other services to obtain their customers’ approval.

Q3 – Is the company registered with FENSA or CERTASS? FENSA or CERTASS registration means that the company makes windows according to the standards established by the industry. Likewise, it guarantees that installation of the windows will meet the stringent requirements of Building Regulations to ensure durability and safety. The registration also proves the installers’ dedication to do things right.

Q4 – How long does it take for the windows to be made and installed? Always check their timescales and how they intend to complete the job. Building projects always go by the schedule and it would be to your best advantage to learn how long you will have to wait for your windows to be delivered and put in place so other work that needs to be accomplished will not get derailed. Also, getting their word regarding time will help ensure that the big project will not accrue unnecessary costs.

There you have it: the four most important questions to ask the window manufacturers or window installers. You can, of course, ask more questions and get more information; write them down so you can easily remember them when you meet with the installers.

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