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In 2002 Dungannon Windows took the radical decision to stop production of all PVC-U and aluminium casement windows and doors, and instead focus the business on its sliding sash window product Eurosash, launched just seven years previously.

Fast-forward 12 years, and with the Spectus Window Systems fabricator on the cusp of its 30th anniversary, this dynamic and savvy approach to business is still a recipe for success for the Northern Irish firm.

Based in County Tyrone, Dungannon Windows is regarded as much for its innovation and problem solving as its specialist knowledge. One example of this occurred just five years ago, when the Dungannon team was approached by a contractor to solve a particularly tricky issue…

The contractor was working with a customer to build a property next to a lough in rural Ireland. Due to its proximity to the water the homeowners were concerned that the house, once built, would be swamped by insects and mosquitoes whenever the windows were open. They had already looked into the option of installing fly screens, working alongside their window system but they could only find screens that were fitted internally on casement windows. Unfortunately this type of window was not in-keeping with the design or style of the property, the homeowners wanted sash windows. The contractor turned to Dungannon Windows to come up with a solution.

Working with their team, and after many discussions and a number of prototypes, Dungannon directors, Tom and Gary Givans had an idea that would change the way fly screens would be used forever!

They had engineered a fully integrated fly screen; it slides up and down working with the top sash. The fly screen mesh is totally concealed within the ‘head’ of the outer frame so that the appearance of the window remains unchanged, and it doesn’t affect the aesthetics of the exterior or interior of the property.

Dungannon Windows presented the newly entitled Eurosash integrated top sash fly screen to the contractor and homeowner, who were thrilled by the innovation and excited to think that this was an industry game changer. Following the invention and this very successful installation, the contractor has gone on to order many more integral fly screens, and they’re not alone…

Five years on and the product now plays a central role in their extensive range, over the last 18 months its market reach has extended to include the wider UK audience, featuring as part of the company’s stand at this year’s FIT Show. “We had a great show; it was a big success for us not least because of the number of leads that we received. Visitors to the stand were not only impressed by our fly screen product but many commented that it was one of the most innovative designs in the sash window industry! We couldn’t be happier,” commented Tom Givans, managing director of Dungannon Windows.

“We have been a Spectus Window Systems fabricator for 14 years,” continues Tom, “…and they supported us throughout the development of the Eurosash fly screen. We are known for producing a high quality sash window, something which we pride ourselves on. Since 2002 we have devoted all of our energies, efforts and resources into developing an unrivalled product and becoming a go-to supplier for our customers; our fly screen product is proof of that. And to be a success we need to work with trusted and like-minded suppliers like Spectus. Their vertical slider is renowned for its quality and performance, and that’s something that we have been able to capitalise on, producing a product range that exceeds our customer’s expectations.”