PVC-U products are judged by the Building Research Establishment to have a lifespan of 35 years. Our windows, manufactured to BS 7412, are estimated to have a life in excess of 40 years. At the end of this period, PVC-U can be recycled with no loss of performance. It is possible to recycle PVC-U more than ten times, giving a total lifespan of several hundred years. Wherever possible, we recycle, and incorporate recycled materials into our products.

Energy Efficiency

PVC-U is an insulating material. Using multi-chambered systems, thermal-wall technology and thermal inserts, allows us to build windows and doors with excellent insulating and thermal-performance characteristics. In fact, we’ve made it part of our process to ensure that energy efficiency is always part of our design.

  • 3mm wall thickness
  • 5 chamber system
  • Innovative AEROFRAMETM thermal-wall technology in our Fully Reversible system
  • Recycled composite inserts that improve insulation
  • Effective seals and draught proofing.

Every Spectus product is designed to comply easily with the requirements of the Building Regulations. Window Energy Ratings from ‘A+’ to ‘C’ are available, depending upon glazing. Our systems are designed to incorporate either double or triple glazing and when appropriately glazed, our windows can achieve U-values as low as 0.8W/(m2K).


We’re proud to have some of the industry’s best qualified, experienced and inventive brains on our team. These people are making the changes that improve the performance, lifespan and sustainability of our products. It’s a continual process, of course, but we won’t stop improving our systems and, as a consequence, the buildings in which they are installed.

  • New technology is used in design, manufacturing and testing to ensure products of outstanding quality, precision and performance
  • Our triple glazed option is a practical solution which avoids the need for fabricators to hold extra stock and which can still deliver U-values as low as 0.8W/(m2K)
  • Our Fully Reversible system incorporates AEROFRAMETM thermal wall technology, an idea borrowed from nature’s cellular structures which helps to deliver an exceptionally insulating window suitable for high-rise properties
  • Our industry leading Vertical Slider replicates authentic timber box-sash styling but adds practical features for modern homes and lifestyles.

Low Carbon Products

We’re all under pressure to help meet carbon-reduction targets. Construction has to be sustainable and we are working to develop and supply low-carbon products which both improve the environmental performance of a project and reduce your client’s carbon footprint.

Including a high level of recycled PVC-U in our products reduces the overall carbon but does not in any way compromise the product’s appearance or its performance. Our Fully Reversible window system isn’t just practical, it i made withlow-carbon technology which can increase energy efficiency.

Our Recycled Composite Material (RCM) Thermal Inserts offer a cost effective solution to the rising steel reinforcing prices. Specifically designed for the Elite 70 range, these inserts are made from 100% recycled PVC-U. They are lightweight, easy and safe to work with, long lasting and highly insulating with excellent thermal performance.

Triple Glazing

Our triple glazing uses our Elite 70 and Elite 63 systems, avoiding the need for extra stockholding, but uses different beads to accommodate the extra pane.

This means that if triple glazing isn’t necessary throughout a whole property, it is still possible to have perfectly matched windows and doors. Now triple glazing could be used on a north facing aspect or for windows overlooking a noisy road, while energy-efficient Band ‘A’ rated double glazing would take advantage of passive solar gain on the southern aspects.

Our triple glazing:

  • Is capable of achieving a U-value as low as 0.8W/(m2K)
  • Suitable for casement, Tilt & Turn and Fully Reversible windows
  • Fits single & double doors and sliding patio doors
  • Effective in buildings with large expanses of glass
  • Allows greater flexibility in attaining WER ratings & U-values
  • Attains low U-value of 0.8W/(m2K) with inexpensive argon fill
  • Glazing options from 36 to 44mm
  • Avoids cold spots in highly-insulated buildings.