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Haven’t Heard of Fully Reversible Windows? Here’s What You’re Missing

Published: 25th July 2016

For window suppliers and fitters, having products that cater to unique building specifications is crucial to maintaining a secure position within the industry. For instance, high-rise developments are cropping up constantly, so it’s in these suppliers’ best interest to be able to offer windows that will work best in such structures.

Inaccessible locations like these would be excellent settings for one particular provision: the fully reversible window. Haven’t heard of these innovations yet? Here’s what you need to know about the fully reversible windows we offer at Spectus Window Systems:

Specially designed for high-rise applications.

Fully Reversible Builders and developers present occupants of high-rise condominiums, offices and other facilities with a unique dilemma: How will it be possible to clean the outside window pane in such inaccessible locations? And how much safety and security can windows in such locations provide?

Our Spectus fully reversible windows are made to easily rotate 180 degrees for convenient cleaning of the outside pane. One notable feature to keep in mind is that the window does not enter the room space as it rotates, so that means there’s no chance of snagging curtains or blinds.

And because we understand that these windows will be installed in units at significant heights, our windows are fitted with enhanced locking and child-resistant catches for maximum user safety and security.

Combines excellent thermal performance with outstanding aesthetics.

We developed the highly innovative Aeroframe thermal barrier technology for our fully reversible windows so that greater thermal performance can be demonstrated by our products. We offer the option of a second or third weather seal to further enhance thermal performance. U-values are also reduced; a low U-value of 0.8 can be achieved with triple glazing (there are four glazing options that can be considered: 24, 28, 40 and 44mm).

Manufactured to promote low carbon technology.

Fully Reversible Window From design and production to installation, our teams at Spectus strive to uphold a manufacturing process that is confined to the UK and Ireland. This translates to minimised transportation and fuel consumption. Our fully reversible windows do not consume harmful materials, nor do they generate associated waste.

The Spectus reversible window has PAS 24 enhanced security accreditation and is also BES6001 accredited, which means the materials used have been responsible sourced. This also allows additional points under the Code for Sustainable Homes or BREEAM. A truly sustainable product is our promise.

With its innovative Aeroframe thermal wall technology as well as its striking deep bevelled appearance, our reversible window is the clear choice for any high-rise structure. This is one window system that should be part of a supplier’s or fitter’s arsenal to attract excellent opportunities.