Made in Great Britain

Well why not? As far as we’re concerned, British manufacturing is alive and well. Why import when you don’t need to? The quality of what we make is exceptional and our designs are as advanced as those from anywhere else in the world. And, naturally, we’re proud to support British jobs.

Everything we do is based in the UK and is therefore covered by regulations designed to protect the environment. We’re not contributing unnecessarily to transport pollution or clogging up the shipping lanes. We have control of our supplies, their sources and their quality. And, by keeping our manufacturing in the UK, we know that the people manufacturing our products enjoy fair wages and decent conditions.

Homes in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Eire are not constructed in the same way or using the same materials as in other parts of Europe. Our windows and doors are made from profile systems designed for our housing stock. No adaptations are necessary to force a square peg into a round hole.