In a rapidly expanding market, we thrived because of the quality of our manufacturing, the strength of our design and our customer service. We’ve kept those three principles at the heart of our business throughout. Spectus windows and doors are installed in millions of homes and are trusted by homeowners, builders and architects, for performance, durability and style.

Why Spectus?

Today, our business is stronger than ever. Our product range is extensive and complete, providing everything you need to create a beautiful, warm and secure home. We’ve developed innovative technologies to enhance energy efficiency and strategies to ensure that our manufacturing and products are environmentally friendly.

Spectus is part of the Epwin Group, a British business specialising in low-maintenance building products, which has been at the forefront of advanced manufacturing for forty years. In addition to being a great business in its own right, Spectus is supported by very firm foundations.

  • However if you are interested in more characteristics about the windows we make, you can always contact company about student works with windows, glasses and so on


We take safety and security seriously. Our products, and the windows, doors and conservatories made from them, are tested, proven and accredited.

Under European Union directives, window and door products now have to carry CE marking. This is your assurance that the products comply with Building Regulations and are fit for purpose. CE marking documentation includes information about load-bearing capacities, weather tightness and energy performance.

  • We use top-quality multipoint locks for security, anti-jacking technology on our sliding doors and egress hinges on all windows that could be used as escape routes.
  • We use toughened safety glass wherever it is required.
  • Our profiles meet PAS 24* for enhanced security and our systems are recognised by the Association of Chief Police Officers via their Secured by Design scheme.
  • Our PVC-U is highly fire and impact resistant.
  • All of our windows are doors are reinforced where required for structural integrity using steel, aluminium or recycled composite materials.

* PAS 24:2012 specifies test methods and acceptance criteria relevant to the enhanced security performance of doorsets and windows, intended to resist attack normally associated with the casual or opportunistic burglar.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations apply to replacement glazing. These cover aspects including insulation, safety, ventilation and means of escape. Certain standards have to be reached to meet Building Regulations.

If you undertake work on your property yourself, or use an unregistered installer you will need to obtain a certificate of compliance, either from an approved inspector or through your local authority.

The simplest way to avoid this is to use a registered installer. Trade bodies, such as FENSA or Certass, run competent person schemes. When the installation is completed, you will be given a certificate to show that the works were carried out appropriately. All Spectus suppliers are registered under competent person schemes.

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Spectus is the manufacturer of the systems – the PVC-U components – that are used to make the frames of your windows and doors. We offer our customers, businesses that fabricate or install windows and doors, a guarantee on the quality of our products.

When you purchase windows and doors, your supplier – the fabricator or installer – will offer you their guarantee on the quality of the materials and labour they have supplied.

This guarantee will normally be for a period of ten years and should always be what is known as an Insurance-backed Guarantee. This form of protection is important because it means that even if the installer stops trading, your guarantee is still in place. The insurance company will assume responsibility in the unlikely event of any problems.

If you would like to know more about specific guarantees, talk to your installer. Alternatively, our customer care team should be able to help with more general information.

Made in Great Britain

Well why not? As far as we’re concerned, British manufacturing is alive and well. Why import when you don’t need to? The quality of what we make is exceptional and our designs are as advanced as those from anywhere else in the world. And, naturally, we’re proud to support British jobs.

Everything we do is based in the UK and is therefore covered by regulations designed to protect the environment. We’re not contributing unnecessarily to transport pollution or clogging up the shipping lanes. We have control of our supplies, their sources and their quality. And, by keeping our manufacturing in the UK, we know that the people manufacturing our products enjoy fair wages and decent conditions.

Homes in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Eire are not constructed in the same way or using the same materials as in other parts of Europe. Our windows and doors are made from profile systems designed for our housing stock. No adaptations are necessary to force a square peg into a round hole.

Energy Efficiency

There are two main measures of energy performance which relate to windows and doors. The first one is known as a Window Energy Rating (or WER) and will be displayed on all windows and doors. It’s a familiar system, similar to that used on domestic appliances. Under current Building Regulations, windows and doors must be rated at Band ‘C’ or better. We’re pleased to say that all Spectus windows and doors can reach Band ‘A’ and that our Elite and Fully Reversible windows can achieve a Band ‘A+’ rating.

The second measure is known as a U-value, and this information should also be displayed on the same label. U-values measure thermal transmittance. The lower the value, the more effective an insulator the window is. However, very low U-values may mean that you do not gain as much warmth from the sun via passive solar gain.

Energy-efficient windows will reduce the costs of heating your home and your carbon footprint. But they also make your home a more comfortable place to live, eliminating drafts, cold spots and condensation, while also helping to insulate your home from external noise.