Spectus and the environment

PVC-U has had some bad press over the years but, if you’re concerned for the planet, it’s wise to look again and to consider the whole picture:

  • PVC-U is insulating and can reduce your energy usage
  • PVC-U windows have a long life compared to timber and can be easily recycled. Many of our products already contain a significant proportion of recycled materials, although you would never know from their appearance
  • PVC-U needs very little maintenance. A wipe down with mild detergent does the trick. Compare that to using paints, wood preservatives and fungicides with high levels of volatile compounds that are toxic to aquatic life.

We make all of our PVC-U products in the United Kingdom. We don’t see why materials for our homes need to be imported or shipped from around the globe. In fact, we are proud to have been awarded the Building Research Establishment’s BES 6001 standard. This demonstrates that our raw materials have been sourced responsibly and that we have addressed all relevant environmental and social aspects.