Buying from Spectus means that you are making the best choices possible to protect your local and global environment. Our business has adopted the BS EN ISO 14001 standard for environmental management. We produce systems that can achieve a fantastic Band ‘A+’ Window Energy Rating and which are made from responsibly sourced raw materials. We manufacture in the UK and distribute locally to avoid shipping and importation. Our products are low maintenance, with long lifespans and can easily be recycled.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient windows and doors don’t happen by chance. It’s a long process of design, refinement and testing that brings Band ‘A’ and ‘A+’ rated windows to the marketplace. We‘re ready to help you pass on the benefits to your customers.

  • Our U-ComplyN tool allows you to calculate Window Energy Ratings and U-values ensuring that it’s easy for you to comply with CE Marking and Document L of the Building Regulations
  • Enjoy the sales benefits of advanced features like AEROFRAMETM thermal wall technology
  • Use our RCM thermal inserts which can improve U-values by almost 25% without resorting to expensive technologies
  • We’ll provide technical support to help you with the cost-effective production of energy-efficient windows
  • Marketing tools to help you promote energy-efficient windows and doors.


First of all, let’s say some good things about PVC-U that your customers may not know. The largest ingredient in PVC-U is common salt. The balance currently comes from oil reserves but could easily be made from organic biofuel crops. PVC-U is a thermoplastic which means it can be reformed. It has a long life and at the end of that can easily be recycled to produce another product.

In other words it’s not destined for landfill. Many of our products already contain an amount of recycled materials but you would never know from their appearance or performance. Easy-to-maintain PVC-U uses no harsh chemicals, wood preservatives and paints to keep it in tip-top condition, so doesn’t pose hazards for the natural environment. And of course, PVC-U is a great insulator so helps to reduce energy consumption.

Two-Part Cill

We all know that a small amount of damage to a cill translates into a big problem when you want to fix it.

It’s an issue on construction sites where cill noses get bashed, battered and scraped. It’s a pain on refurbishment projects and an eyesore in an installation.

No one likes damaged cills, so we’ve come up with a solution. Our new, universal two-part cill has a separate receiver and nose. Build the receiver in. Add the nose later. It’s simple, it works and we know you’ll love it.

Features at a glance

  • Compatible with traditional one-piece cills
  • 150 and 180mm options
  • Aluminium options for larger sizes
  • Fits Elite 63 and Elite 70
  • Works with bevelled and ovolo-shaped systems
  • Available in our full range of 28 finishes.

Feel the benefit of

  • Reduced site damage
  • Easier maintenance
  • Adaptable design

RCM Thermal Inserts

Making windows got easier. Making warmer homes got easier.

Specifically designed for the Elite 70 range, these inserts are made from 100% recycled PVC-U. They are lightweight, easy and safe to work with, long lasting and highly insulating. Used together with traditional steel or aluminium reinforcements, the inserts have been designed to improve screw retention and to ensure perfect hardware positioning. They are the simple way to better insulated, easier to fabricate frames.

Using RCM thermal inserts makes the production of energy-efficient windows more cost-effective. PVC-U is, simply, a better insulator than steel or aluminium and the inserts increase the number of chambers in the profiles from 5 to 8, while keeping weight low. And, being 100% recycled and recyclable, these inserts can only enhance your reputation for sustainable windows and doors.

  • Compared to an outerframe reinforced with steel, improves thermal performance by approximately 25%
  • Improves both WERs and U-values
  • Good screw retention for hardware
  • Compatible with both internally and externally glazed sashes
  • Suits ovolo and bevelled systems
  • Use in outerframes, sashes, transoms, mullions and door outerframes
  • Easy to cut and safer to handle
  • Can be welded for increased corner strength

Triple Glazing from Spectus

We use our existing Elite 70 and Elite 63 suites in combination with a selection of beads to offer one of the most cost-effective and flexible ways of producing triple-glazed windows.Unlike other suppliers who may use a whole new system, the Spectus method keeps stockholding costs under control, fabrication lines flowing and allows installers to use both double and triple glazing in the same projects.

With three bead options, it’s possible to offer the exact specification or WER requirement your customer needs and all our beads work with bevelled or ovolo shaped profiles.

You can even use Georgian bars alongside triple glazing without compromising the aesthetics – our 36mm bead is perfectly proportioned for a flawless period finish.

  • Elite 70 – 36, 40 and 44mm widths
  • Elite 63 – 36 and 40mm widths

Now, triple glazing doesn’t need to be reserved for a privileged, lucky few. We’ve made it practical and affordable. Without any changes to your sashes or outerframes, our triple-glazed windows can achieve U-values of 0.8W/(m2K). What’s more, with trusted Elite systems at the core of the product, you know quality, performance and style will be part of the package.

We give you more options. More options give you more opportunities.