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Recycled Thermal Inserts
Band 'A+' Window Energy Rating
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Patio Doors

Our inline sliding Patio doors are ideal for conservatories, porches, garden offices, sunrooms, for patio or decking access, or even as internal room dividers. We’ve chosen top quality handles for great function and aesthetics. Our highly-secure locking system uses outwards opposing hooks to prevent the leaf from being lifted from its frame. Post co-extruded sashes result in easier, faster, fabrication and reliable weathering performance. Minimum and maximum dimensions as follows:

Min. Width Max. Width Min. Height Max. Height
2 pane 1490mm 3000mm 1400mm 2400mm
3 pane 2230mm 4400mm 1400mm 2400mm
4 pane 2890mm 4600mm 1400mm 2400mm


Choice of colours

Dark Red Brilliant Blue Steel Blue Dark Green Chartwell Green Agate Grey Anthracite Grey Anthracite Grey (Flat) Signal Grey (Flat) Basalt Grey Hazy Grey Slate Grey Dark Oak FL-FI Mahogony Rosewood Natural Oak FL-G Light Oak Rustic Oak 1 Swamp Oak ST-F Walnut V Black Brown White Cream Slate Grey Finesse (Flat) Irish Oak AnTEAK Siena PR Golden Oak

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