Epwin Window Systems Covid-19 Phased Re-opening Statement

Following extensive risk assessments throughout the business to allow a safe and phased return to work, in line with HSE and government guidance, in conjunction with ongoing dialogue with our customers in recent weeks, we will begin a phased and controlled reopening of our operations to support our customers from Monday 4th May 2020.

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Team Spectus

Spectus has always had red branding. It’s a colour that represents energy, passion and action. It’s confident and it’s determined and we think that those are the right qualities for our industry.

So what’s Team Spectus? We are and you are. We’re dedicated, professional and proud of the good job that we do. Team Spectus is all about support. We’re in it together. Not to score points off each other but to succeed by working as a team, using our strengths and your strengths. Team Spectus is about open, honest and effective communication. Team Spectus is about celebrating our successes, our awesome installations and weeks when top quality production meets new highs.

Team Spectus: better in it than out of it. Come and join us.

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Team Spectus

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