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Online Marketing for Window Companies

Technology – in many different forms – is a crucial part of any business, including advertising. Gone are the days of merely putting up ads in your local newspaper or magazine to promote your service…read more.

Published: 8th January 2019

Top Tips… How to clean your windows

Clean windows can brighten up your home, so we’re giving you some top tips for getting the best shine! It’s important to have the right set of equipment and cleaning agents at the ready, but…read more.

Published: 23rd October 2018

The complete package from Spectus

Leading systems supplier Spectus offers everything today’s fabricators and installers need: products that work in all sectors, the broadest range of ancillaries to make life easy and outstanding marketing support. Carmen Velilla, Brand Manager of…read more.

Published: 13th April 2018



Spectus customers now have more choices than ever in triple glazing solutions, with the launch of a new bead to accommodate 36mm glazing for its popular Elite 70 system. The addition now gives fabricators and…read more.

Published: 15th March 2017


PVC-U in conservation areas – not as unlikely as you might think

If you read the industry press or listen to the “experts” it would be easy to conclude that PVC-U isn’t accepted in conservation areas. Replacement windows in these areas mean timber and nothing else. It’s…read more.

Published: 31st January 2017


In 2016, our team delivered new products, new ways to market them and a vastly extended range of colours and ancillaries. It’s been a busy 12 months. It would be natural, therefore, to think that,…read more.

Published: 10th January 2017

Installing new windows

Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing New Windows

Choosing new windows – whether while building a property or replacing the existing ones in your home – should be approached with care and calculation. After all, your decision will have a significant effect on…read more.

Published: 9th November 2016

Ancillaries image

Ancillaries: Providing the Final Touch

Reputations are made and broken by the quality of one’s output. If you wish to have a stellar record in the industry, you need to earn it by paying close attention to each and every…read more.

Published: 10th October 2016

Why Using BIM Makes Spectus the Right Choice for You

A new world is now emerging — and it’s created through BIM. Building information modelling (BIM) has truly revolutionised how building and infrastructure projects are planned, managed, executed and marketed. We at Spectus are among…read more.

Published: 5th September 2016

Spectus Talk

Why Dealing With One Provider Can Benefit Your Business

Any business that believes it’s ready for the construction of a brick-and-mortar venue that customers can frequent should dedicate adequate time to strategically planning cash outflow. There’s no escaping the big expenses of construction, but…read more.

Published: 8th August 2016

Fully Reversible

Haven’t Heard of Fully Reversible Windows? Here’s What You’re Missing

For window suppliers and fitters, having products that cater to unique building specifications is crucial to maintaining a secure position within the industry. For instance, high-rise developments are cropping up constantly, so it’s in these…read more.

Published: 25th July 2016


PVC-U Energy-efficient Choice For Residential And Commercial Applications

Apart from aesthetics, function and overall value, today’s property owners are including sustainability as one of their criteria in selecting which building materials to use in their homes or commercial properties. One factor that has…read more.

Published: 30th June 2016